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Jangmu Tote

Jangmu is a very positive and determined college student who weaves in her free time to pay for her college fees. She hopes to be a role model for other girls and inspire them to get their education without burdening their parents.

Jangmu’s character is strong and independent - and this tote, named after her, is sturdy and a classic companion to match your organized self. The beautiful Jangmu tote adapts well to change and easily transitions from professional to casual and from workday to weekend. 


Sakura Crossbody

Meet adorable Sakura, she is pure sunshine, always happy, and the cutest little one! She accompanies her mother every day to work and enjoys the company of the other weavers who adore her and her giggle that brightens up the entire place. This bag is named after her for the joy it will bring you!

The adorable Sakura crossbody is the perfect bag to toss and go with your necessities and more. It will easily brighten your day with the ease of its use. Sakura’s outer beauty is enhanced by a leather border, which adds to the bold and stylish cross body that you will fall in love with every day.


Bina Travel Bag

Meet Bina! A strong and independent minded master artisan at our weaving centre and the mother of a baby girl, Bina is from the Ramechhap district of Nepal. Her little Sakura sleeps in a cradle next to her while Bina weaves these beautiful patterns on a traditional handloom. This travel bag is named after her.

The Bina travel bag is straightforward and offers optimal organisation in one beautiful design. It’s perfect for those with a traveler’s heart who are often challenged with losing essentials in their travel bag. With Bina, you will find things with ease and with no compromise in style. With her ample storage and pockets, Bina is your perfect travel buddy for the adventures of your day and beyond.


Sangita Clutch

Sangita is a quiet and dedicated weaver who learned weaving to earn enough money to send her five year old daughter, Pari, to school. Sangita’s happiness is seeing Pari bid her goodbye every morning as she leaves for school in a yellow school bus.

Simple, sweet, and classical - perfect for a very stylish diva! Sangita will never let you and your “less is more” approach down with its sassy and functional design. This clutch can be easily tossed into any of your everyday bags. It is the cherry on top of your desire for elegant perfection.


Pari Wallet

Gentle Pari is little sunshine to your everyday. She is sturdy and knows your value the best. She is the one who will be right there to safely carry your paycheck and cash. She also understands your easygoing lifestyle with as many as 8 card slots to handle daily happenings in your busy days. Carried  in your hand or tossed into your bag, she is the adorable possession to compliment the practical side of your life.


Meera Backpack

Meet Meera. She loved going to school as a young girl but had many responsibilities to fulfill that she was forced to drop out. She wished to be an independent woman, which is rare in the case of Nepali women. She is strong willed, listens to her heart and makes sure she does what she loves. 

The Meera Backpack is for the outgoing and fun loving adventurer who also listens to their heart. She perfectly complements your sudden outing-with-friends mood, and you will love her bold and sturdy look that reflects your own fierce inner beauty. Dress her up or dress her down, she will always be the perfect touch to your uniquely individual look!


Rita Scarves

Young and energetic Rita loves to play with color, and Dhaka gives her a plethora of color choices and patterns to play with. Rita didn’t get a chance to go to school because, as is common, her parents chose to educate her brothers instead. In spite of that, she is a very smart and imaginative girl and is proud to weave her dreams into these beautiful colors and share them with the world.

The classic, stylish, and incredibly versatile Rita Scarf is the perfect accessory for every mood – from everyday to those special occasions, easily transitioning from smart professional to casual get-together to elegant parties with no fuss at all. Glamorous Rita around your neck or shoulders will complement your jeans and T-shirt days as well as elegant party gowns. And on the days you feel like inviting your loved ones over for a delicious home cooked dinner, she can simply lay on your table as the perfect handmade table runner!

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