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Our Weavers

We are thrilled to introduce the hard working people behind all the amazing products from Weaving for Empowerment.



Namaste!! I am Mira, i am from remote village of Ramechhap. I live with my 2 daughters. I wish to see my daughters go to school and learn about the world so they can be independent and powerful girls. Life without education is difficult specially for women. 2 years ago i learned weaving and today i work here at Weaving for Empowerment. Its a great feeling to be able to work and earn for the first time in life. The weaving work is very slow but many people told us because it is slow it is special. Playing with beautiful color threads and patterns, talking with friends and producing beautiful products gives me satisfaction. Now my kids are in school because I am paid well for my job and I feel proud that I am no longer a dependent woman. Thank you for being a part of my story..

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Namaste! I am Bina. I work here as master weaver. I have not dreamed that one day i will be teaching skills to other women because my life was not a beautiful story. Earthquake hit my family very badly like many others. I lost hopes for future but in the middle of all my pain and loss i discover what know. Long time ago i learned weaving from my grandmother while my brothers went school. I decided to make something out of my weaving skill and I got an opportunity to get formal weaving training from Weaving for Empowerment. I pass basic, advanced and master level of weaving in 1 year which qualified me to be a teacher. Now i run trainings and also weave. My little daughter Sakura makes our working environment charming. Work here is better than many other places because we don't feel pressure for work, we can bring our children, take care of them side by side.I am proud that i am able to support my mother economically and myself. I am sure that my daughter will have much better future than me because i will send her to school and that will change everything for her. Thank you for your purchase with Weaving for Empowerment.




Namaste!! i am Sangita and i have been here since the beginning. I have a daughter and she is in pre-school.Most of the income from Weaving for Empowerment I save and buy food, because our accommodation is free here and also Weaving for Empowerment pays for my daughters school. I wish to open a training center in village for other girls like me and teach them to save money. My favorite thing about working at Weaving for Empowerment is the friendships that have grown with coworkers, and sharing with each other in times of difficulty.

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Namaste!! I am Jangmu and currently studying in 12th grade. It’s been one year now am working at Weaving for Empowerment . I got training for 6 months and now I work after my class. The Weaving for Empowerment income allows me to pay my college fees completely by herself without relying on my family. I am currently studying management, and still figuring out exactly what I wants to do in future. But i am interested in doing something that helps women in Himalaya in different ways.